An abstract expressionist who's preferred medium is acrylic.  Linda's paintings are predominantly large, highly textured, vibrantly colored.  She is influenced by her studies while living in Europe, California and the D.C. area. 

"I am most influenced by the Expressionist artists of the late 40’s: Pollock, deKooning, Rothko and others. I also admire the works of Wolf Khan and Chagall. Their simplified natural shapes and inner artistic vision produced pieces teetering between reality and  fantasy. Each piece that I paint is a joy to me, fun to paint, and expresses an emotional and spiritual action of my thoughts".

Works are in numerous private collections, as well as the University of South Alabama Permanent Collection, Junior Miss Artist of 2008 and permanently displayed at Ft. Gaines, Dauphin Island Alabama. 

View more of Linda's work at


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