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"The Colors of the Coast"
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An abstract expressionist who's preferred medium is acrylic.  Linda's paintings are predominantly large, highly textured, vibrantly colored.  She is influenced by her studies while living in Europe, California and the D.C. area. 

"I am most influenced by the Expressionist artists of the late 40’s: Pollock, deKooning, Rothko and others. I also admire the works of Wolf Khan and Chagall. Their simplified natural shapes and inner artistic vision produced pieces teetering between reality and  fantasy. Each piece that I paint is a joy to me, fun to paint, and expresses an emotional and spiritual action of my thoughts".

Works are in numerous private collections, as well as the University of South Alabama Permanent Collection, Junior Miss Artist of 2008 and permanently displayed at Ft. Gaines, Dauphin Island Alabama. 

View more of Linda's work at http://lindatenhundfeld.com/


I have been painting in oils since middle school. My inspiration initially came from artists who drew portraits at Jackson Square in New Orleans, Louisiana. I earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Art Education from Alabama A&M University in 1972, and have traveled the country digesting the works of other artists. My appreciation for subtle colors was learned while I was in Southeast Asia in the sixties.

Mallard in Spring

My other endeavors include teaching art in Pensacola, Florida and doing commercial art in Mobile, Alabama. I have shown at Galleria Francini and Amsterdam Whitney Gallery in New York City. Have also shown at Whiting Art Gallery in Fairhope, Alabama, and Barnes and Noble Booksellers in Mobile. My paintings are owned by numerous private collectors. In 2001 the Mobile Register Newspaper commissioned me to do a painting for their permanent collection. Although my paintings are done representatively in terms of color and form, my emotional interpretations of the personalities of subjects are always attached. After all, it is the artist’s attraction to a scene’s personality that invokes a desire to begin painting that scene.

Boats at Sunburst

Contact Roy at royartist@bellsouth.net


Working primarily in acrylic and watercolor, Joanne particularly enjoys painting portraits of family, friends and pets, and the challenge and beauty of figurative work.

“I love playing with color, light and shadow in an attempt to portray movement in my paintings, and hopefully also capture the personality of my subjects.”

Joanne is active in several local arts organizations, including the Mobile Art Association, the Watercolor and Graphic Arts Society, and the Alabama Miniature Art Society. She has shown her work at the Space 301 Gallery, the University of Mobile, the Eastern Shore Art Center and the Mobile Museum of Art, as well as local alternative art venues. Her work can also be seen at the Cathedral Square Gallery artists’ cooperative.
Joanne is currently working on a series of cow portraits. She also enjoys painting with a local plein air group and the Downtown Figure Group.

"Life is Good"
"P.E.I. Cow No. 1 - Sweet Pea".

Plein Aire

email:  jubrandt@comcast.net



Frances is a native of Mobile, Alabama and has been drawing and painting for as long as she can remember.  Frances received a formal education with a B.S. degree but longed to pursue art.  She has studied art throughout the years. With the guidance and coaching of her teacher and mentor she has taken a more serious approach to her work.  Frances is inspired by a vast assortment of subjects and feels that her paintings are a way of preserving all things in nature and life.  She finds painting both enjoyable and fulfilling.  Painting, to Frances, is a reflection of the spirit within. 


Watercolor and Graphic Art Society of Mobile
Alabama Miniature Art Society
Spanish Moss Miniature Art Show 2008
     ~ Belk Award

Mobile Art Association Spring Show 2010
     ~ George Dubina Memorial Award

Mobile Watercolor and Graphic Arts Society
Spring 2010
     ~ Honorable Mention

Cathedral Square Gallery
Nolen-Schmidt Gallery
Koch Gallery
Southern Art and Framing



Denise Inge is a native Mobilian and attended 12 years of parochial school there. Her childhood summers consisted of “crabbing and soft shelling” down the bay at her cousin and her great aunts’ homes, sleeping on the “sleeping porch” and waking up to fried soft shell for breakfast…vacations at “the Gulf” and she and her brothers and sisters swimming in the bay because her “mother felt it was safe because it was shallow!” She is the proud mother of one daughter and “The Mimi” to two grandsons.

“ Loving watercolors, I started on my journey in 2002 and the
watercolors have been doing their own thing ever since…allowing me to grab on to “their” coat tails for the ride of my life…all the time being inspired by the beauty of my beloved Mobile and the South!”

White and Yellow Flowers in Vase

Denise is a member of the Mobile Art Association and holds the office of Secretary for the group, a member of the Watercolor and Graphic Art Society of Mobile and holds the office of Treasurer, Assistant Director for Cathedral Square Gallery in downtown Mobile and a member of the Eastern Shore Art Center.

See more of Denise Inge's work at http://dingeart.blogspot.com/

Contact Denise at dinge51@hotmail.com

Purple Hydrangeas on Window Seal

Mardi Gras Mask


Phillip M. Bolin has provided a variety of artistic works for private homes, businesses and organiza- tions throughout the southeast. The owner of Nightlandbay Studios ™, Bolin has contributed works for the Penelope House’s domestic violence awareness campaign, Fred Astaire’s Dance Studio, and album cover art for Crockett, local radio personality and political satirist, and many more.

For nearly 20 years, Bolin has maintained a research back-ground in the area of religious symbology and iconography and its role in ancient theologies, including early to late Judaism and Christianity. Through his research into the more esoteric aspects of ancient religious doctrine, Bolin upholds the belief that there exists the application of a formulaic gematria – a sacred geometrical pattern encoded within some religious earthworks, art, and architecture. Much of his own artwork is heavily influenced by this research. Bolin’s particular concept of angels – as depicted in Ex Silentium – is a derivative of the Enochian Watchers discovered within the ancient manuscripts recovered in the mid 20th century from Khirbet Qumran, the remains of the Essene Jewish Community (Israel, 2nd Century BCE). This is also reflected by the many angelic incarnations found within his illustrations and sculptures.

Regardless of his obvious interest in theology, Bolin does not consider himself a religious person, stating…

“My perspective on theology is through a pure anthropological lens, And as an anthropologist, I can not allow my expectations to be colored with a biased religious persuasion. Theology, like any cultural element, must be evaluated within its own cultural context. One must leave religious bias at the door and take a fresh perspective to understand the role of religion and the power it demonstrates within the societal framework. And this power is substantiated and conveyed by the iconographic architectural structures. My art, although not deliberately, is just another example of the influential power of having been exposed to theology – even for someone who isn’t religious. Its innate roots grow and evolve. It becomes an integrated component within our psyche.”