Denise Inge is a native Mobilian and attended 12 years of parochial school there. Her childhood summers consisted of “crabbing and soft shelling” down the bay at her cousin and her great aunts’ homes, sleeping on the “sleeping porch” and waking up to fried soft shell for breakfast…vacations at “the Gulf” and she and her brothers and sisters swimming in the bay because her “mother felt it was safe because it was shallow!” She is the proud mother of one daughter and “The Mimi” to two grandsons.

“ Loving watercolors, I started on my journey in 2002 and the
watercolors have been doing their own thing ever since…allowing me to grab on to “their” coat tails for the ride of my life…all the time being inspired by the beauty of my beloved Mobile and the South!”

White and Yellow Flowers in Vase

Denise is a member of the Mobile Art Association and holds the office of Secretary for the group, a member of the Watercolor and Graphic Art Society of Mobile and holds the office of Treasurer, Assistant Director for Cathedral Square Gallery in downtown Mobile and a member of the Eastern Shore Art Center.

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Purple Hydrangeas on Window Seal

Mardi Gras Mask

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